Mercedes R129 SL Workshop Diagnostic Manual: Instrument Cluster, Radio, CD and A/C (inc. Wiring Schematics)


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Brand Mercedes-Benz
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We have unearthed this 365-page physical R129 SL workshop diagnosis manual, which covers the following:

Diagnostics & Wiring Diagrams
Instrument Cluster (IC/CLUS)
Radio (RD)
CD Changer (CDC)
Air Conditioning (A/C)

Loudspeaker Systems (LS)
Cellular Telephone (CTEL)
Digital Data Bus (D2B)

Connection and Use of Test Equipment

Instrument Cluster (IC/CLUS)
Model 129 (General)
Up to M.Y. 1996 (IC with digital odometer)
As of 06/97 (Flexible Service System / FSS)

Instrument Cluster (CLUS) / Display Instruments / Warning Devices - Wiring Diagrams
Engine 103 CFI/ 104 CFI/ 119 CFI . MY 1990 - 1992
Engine 104 HFM-SFI, page I & || . MY 1994
Engine 104 HFM-SFI . MY 1995
Engines 119 LH-SFI/ 120 LH-SFI . MY 1993 - 1994, MY 1995
MY 1996, As of MY 1997

Radio (RD)
All cars with MB-Radio

Radio (RD) - Wiring Diagrams
Radio with sound system . MY 1990 - 1991
Radio MB with sound system (Bose) . MY 1994 - 11/94, As of 12/94 - MY 1997 . As of MY 1998
" " and digital data-bus (D2-B) . As of MY 1999
Two-piece radio with sound system . MY 1991 - 1994
Two-piece radio with sound System and CD changer . MY 1991 - 1994

Loudspeaker Systems (LS)
All cars with Bose ® Sound System, as of M.Y. 1994

CD Changer (CDC)
All cars with MB-Radio and 6-Disc CD Changer (CDC)

CD Changer (CDC) - Wiring Diagram As of MY 1998

Cellular Telephone (CTEL) Up to M.Y. 1993

Digital Data Bus (D2B) As of M.Y. 1998

Climate Control
Air Conditioning (A/C)
Up to M.Y. 1997
As of M.Y. 1997

Air Conditioning (automatic) (A/C) - Wiring Diagrams
MY 1990 - 1995
MY 1996
MY 1997