Mercedes R129 SL Workshop Diagnostic Manual: Fuel Injection & Ignition, Mixture and Engine Electrical Systems (inc. Wiring Schematics)

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Brand Mercedes-Benz
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This 304-page manual covers:

Wiring Diagrams For:
Axle Speed Signal (VSS)
CAN Bus - Engine
Circuit Wiring
Cabling Terminal
Fuel Injection & Ignition System
Starter, generator
Distributor ignition / Knock sensor system (DI/KSS)

Pneumatic Axle Speed Signal (VSS)
Front, right and left axle speed signal (VSS)
Vehicle speed signal inductive sensor (VSS) . Inductive Speed Sensor

CAN Bus - Engine
Engines 119, 120 LH-SFI
119 ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI
104 HFM-SFI (CC) / (ASR/EA)
104 ME-SFI/ 119 ME-SFI

Circuit 30 wiring
Voltage distribution via terminal block . X4/10, via Fuse F1, via fuse F4
Circuit 15/15R wiring, Voltage distribution via terminal block . X4/18, via connector sleeve Z3/7
Circuit 87 wiring

Cabling Terminal 61e

Mixture formation
Fuel Injection & Ignition
CFI fuel injection and ignition system . Engine 104 CFI, Engine 119 CFI
LH-SFI fuel injection system . Engine 119 LH-SFI, Engine 120 LH-SFI (right & left cylinder bank)

HFM-SFI sequential multiport fuel injection/ ignition system
Engine 104 HFM-SFI . Interior compartment & Engine compartment

ME-SFI fuel injection and ignition system
Engine 104 ME-SFI . Engine compartment
Engine 119 ME-SFI . Engine and interior compartment
Engine 120 ME-SFI . Left and right cylinder bank engine compartment / interior compartment
Engine 113 ME-SFI . Engine compartment/ frame floor system wiring harnesses, page I & || / Engine block wiring harnesses

Engine Electrical Systems
Starter, generator
Engines 104 CFI/ 119 CFI / HFM-SFI . 119 LH-SFI/ 120 LH-SFI / ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI
Engines 104 ME-SFI/ 119 ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI . 113 ME-SFI

Distributor ignition / Knock sensor system (DI/KSS)
Engine 104 CFI . 119 CFI / LH-SFI . 120 LH-SFI