Mercedes R129 SL Workshop Diagnostic Manual: Fuel Injection & Ignition, Mixture and Engine Electrical Systems (inc. Wiring Schematics)

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Brand Mercedes-Benz
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Condition Info Tested to be working on the donor vehicle before removal, may show some signs of wear which is reflected in the price. Please refer closely to the pictures and description.
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We have unearthed this 304-page physical R129 SL workshop diagnosis manual, covering:

• Wiring Diagrams For:
Axle Speed Signal (VSS)
CAN Bus - Engine
Circuit Wiring
Cabling Terminal
Fuel Injection & Ignition System
Starter, generator
Distributor ignition / Knock sensor system (DI/KSS)

• Pneumatic Axle Speed Signal (VSS)
Front, right and left axle speed signal (VSS)
Vehicle speed signal inductive sensor (VSS) . Inductive Speed Sensor

• CAN Bus - Engine
Engines 119, 120 LH-SFI
119 ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI
104 HFM-SFI (CC) / (ASR/EA)
104 ME-SFI/ 119 ME-SFI

• Circuit Wiring
Circuit 30 wiring
Voltage distribution via terminal block . X4/10, via Fuse F1, via fuse F4
Circuit 15/15R wiring, Voltage distribution via terminal block . X4/18, via connector sleeve Z3/7
Circuit 87 wiring

• Cabling Terminal 61e

Mixture formation
• Fuel Injection & Ignition
CFI fuel injection and ignition system . Engine 104 CFI, Engine 119 CFI
LH-SFI fuel injection system . Engine 119 LH-SFI, Engine 120 LH-SFI (right & left cylinder bank)

• HFM-SFI sequential multiport fuel injection/ ignition system
Engine 104 HFM-SFI . Interior compartment & Engine compartment

• ME-SFI fuel injection and ignition system
Engine 104 ME-SFI . Engine compartment
Engine 119 ME-SFI . Engine and interior compartment
Engine 120 ME-SFI . Left and right cylinder bank engine compartment / interior compartment
Engine 113 ME-SFI . Engine compartment/ frame floor system wiring harnesses, page I & || / Engine block wiring harnesses

Engine Electrical Systems
• Starter, generator
Engines 104 CFI/ 119 CFI / HFM-SFI
Engines 119 LH-SFI/ 120 LH-SFI / ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI
Engines 104 ME-SFI/ 119 ME-SFI/ 120 ME-SFI
Engine 113 ME-SFI

• Distributor ignition / Knock sensor system (DI/KSS)
Engine 104 CFI
Engine 119 CFI / LH-SFI
Engine 120 LH-SFI