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R129 SL Alloy Wheels Designs - Collection

R129 SL Alloy Wheels Designs - Collection

Everybody loves a good set of R129 wheels. Here's the lowdown on what R129 alloy wheels are designs are for sale. 

Few cars have enjoyed the longevity of the R129 SL and with each iteration Mercedes Benz, AMG, Brabus and the like have spoiled us rotten. Let's take a trip down memory lane and oggle at some monoblock magic.

It all started back in 1989… 

Daimler AG

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

These classic 15 hole alloys (known to some as the EVO 1) were included as standard for a variety of Mercedes-Benz cars in the late 80s and early 90s… notably the W201 and a slight variant for the W124.

Let’s have a gander at some other popular R129 SL wheels:


These are some of the most common wheels you’ll find on an R129 SL, and also some of the most timeless. The Alamak wheels began circulation close to the re-designation of the SL back in 1993. Many enthusiasts swear by original spec OEM alloys for their R129s, and this is one of the most popular choices.

Daimler AG

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd


First making an appearance as standard on the 129.063 SL 320, these Monkar style wheels are another staple of Mercedes-Benz’ 90s alloy lineup. Notably coming as standard on many iterations of the infamously over-engineered W140 S Class.

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd


One more very common alloy type found on later facelift models, the Albali style alloy first made an appearance in 1998. Another hugely popular choice for enthusiasts.

Classic Digest

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd


Now, onto the really sought after stuff - everybody goes crazy for a bit of AMG styling and alloy wheels are often the first port of call. The AMG I is a delightfully subtle design from everybody’s favourite Merc tuner.

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

Brabus Monoblock II

One of the more striking designs from the world’s biggest independent Mercedes tuner… the tri-spoke design says a lot about your car… if it’s genuine!

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

AMG Aero

Now onto the truly iconic. There are several editions of the Aero alloys from AMG, so I decided to feature a few more shots of some of the variants. These are our personal favourites at The R129 Co, in particular the monoblock Aero 1s.

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

Other Alloys

Here’s a look at some other designs you might find on your neighbour's R129 SL:

Brian Clifton

We hope you like the look of some of these wheels. And don't be afraid to experiment; you'll be surprised at what works with your vehicle.

Happy motoring!


4th Apr 2020 Harry

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