Mercedes 1404404605 Engine Wiring Harness (Exchange) | R129 SL W140 280 320

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Dispatch Time: 7-9 business days upon receipt of your unit. Order cutoff time is 12:00PM (GMT) Monday to Friday.
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Product Info

Brand Mercedes-Benz
Condition Refurbished
Condition Info Completely rebuilt and includes a special extended warranty. Disassembled, cleaned and examined for wear and breakage. Worn out, missing or non-functioning components have been replaced with new or rebuilt components.
Part Exchange Required. You must send your old unit to us in the UK first, then we will dispatch the refurbished unit back to you.
Returns Period 1 month
Warranty Period Lifetime

Technical Info

Master Part No A1404404605
Extra Info M104 Straight 6 Main Engine Wiring Harness Loom

Part Exchange Required - Terms

This is a Part Exchange Required sale. This means that you must send us your existing unit first, so that we can salvage the components from it. We will then send you a refurbished replacement unit. Note: we do not accept units which have sustained water damage.

Sending your old unit to us:
• Mainland UK customers: We can collect your unit from your address.
Non-mainland UK / non-UK customers: You must send your old unit to us in Kent, United Kingdom. We will assist you with this process including making customs declarations if necessary.

If inspection of your existing unit shows no water damage we will send you a replacement unit rebuilt by a highly-qualified technician. Please allow 7-9 business days upon receipt of your unit for inspection and refurbishment.

Just ask us if you have any questions and our expert support staff will assist you. Should you order, rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process.

Wiring Harness Refurbishment

As part of the remanufacture of our wiring harnesses our technicians use only the finest motorsport grade materials. The cabling itself will be of aviation mainframe quality. Note: we may make use of any intact plugs or connectors from older units which remain unscathed or are unavailable new.

Refurbishment Specifications:
- Raychem 577 Type 55 Cable
- Higher Amp Capacity
- Melting Point: 650 Degrees Celsius

The rebuilt unit is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.