Mercedes 2308200356 Fog Light - Left | R230 SL W203 C C209 A209 CLK C215 CL


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SKU SKU240522004
Condition Used
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Brand Mercedes-Benz
Additional Brand Hella
Master Part No A2308200356
Extra Info > Exterior Lamp, FOG Lamp Assembly, Left, > Exterior Lamp, > Fog Lamp, AMG
Fits Right Hand Drive & Left Hand Drive
Position Left

 Fitment Info

This fitment information is for guidance only; for bespoke fitment advice contact us. Please have your VIN/chassis code ready.

W203 C-Class203.004 (C200 CDI (611 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.006 (C220 CDI (611 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.007 (C200 CDI (646 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.008 (C220 CDI (646 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.016 (C270 CDI Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.018 (C30 CDI AMG Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.02 (C320 CDI (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.035 (C180 Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.04 (C230 Kompressor Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.042 (C200 Kompressor Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.043 (C200 CGI Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.045 (C200 Kompressor Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.046 (C180 Kompressor Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.052 (C230 Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.054 (C280 Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.056 (C350 Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.061 (C240 (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.064 (C320 (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.065 (C32 AMG Kompressor (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.081 (C240 4Matic (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.084 (C320 4Matic (V6 Engine) Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.087 (C350 4Matic Saloon)
W203 C-Class203.092 (C280 4Matic Saloon)
S203 C-Class203.204 (C200 CDI (611 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.206 (C220 CDI (611 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.207 (C200 CDI (646 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.208 (C220 CDI (646 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.216 (C270 CDI Estate)
S203 C-Class203.218 (C30 T CDI AMG Estate)
S203 C-Class203.22 (C320 CDI (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.235 (C180 Estate)
S203 C-Class203.24 (C230 Kompressor Estate)
S203 C-Class203.242 (C200 Kompressor Estate)
S203 C-Class203.243 (C200 CGI Kompressor Estate)
S203 C-Class203.245 (C200 Kompressor Estate)
S203 C-Class203.246 (C180 Kompressor Estate)
S203 C-Class203.252 (C230 Estate)
S203 C-Class203.254 (C280 Estate)
S203 C-Class203.256 (C350 Estate)
S203 C-Class203.261 (C240 (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.264 (C320 (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.265 (C32 AMG Kompressor (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.281 (C240 4Matic (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.284 (C320 4Matic (V6 Engine) Estate)
S203 C-Class203.287 (C350 4Matic Estate)
S203 C-Class203.292 (C280 4Matic Estate)
C203 C-Class203.706 (C220 CDI (611 Engine) Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.707 (C200 CDI Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.708 (C220 CDI (646 Engine) Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.718 (C30 CDI AMG Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.73 (C160 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.735 (C180 Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.74 (C230 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.741 (C200 Komp. / CLC200 Komp. Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.742 (C200 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.743 (C200 CGI Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.745 (C200 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.746 (C180 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.747 (C230 Kompressor Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.752 (C230 Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.756 (C350 Coupe)
C203 C-Class203.764 (C320 (V6 Engine) Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.308 (CLK220 CDI Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.316 (CLK270 CDI Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.32 (CLK320 CDI Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.342 (CLK200 Kompressor Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.343 (CLK200 CGI Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.354 (CLK280 Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.356 (CLK350 Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.361 (CLK240 Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.365 (CLK320 Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.375 (CLK500 Coupe)
C209 CLK-Class209.376 (CLK55 AMG Coupe)
A209 CLK-Class209.42 (CLK320 CDI Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.442 (CLK200 Kompressor Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.454 (CLK280 Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.456 (CLK350 Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.461 (CLK240 Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.465 (CLK320 Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.475 (CLK500 Cabriolet)
A209 CLK-Class209.476 (CLK55 AMG Cabriolet)
C215 CL-Class215.373 (CL55 AMG Coupe)
C215 CL-Class215.374 (CL55 AMG Kompressor Coupe)
C215 CL-Class215.375 (CL500 Coupe)
C215 CL-Class215.376 (CL600 Coupe)
C215 CL-Class215.378 (CL600 Coupe)
C215 CL-Class215.379 (CL65 AMG Coupe)
R230 SL-Class230.456 (SL350 Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.467 (SL350 (V6 Engine) Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.471 (SL500 Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.472 (SL55 AMG Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.474 (SL55 AMG Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.475 (SL500 Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.476 (SL600 Roadster)
R230 SL-Class230.477 (SL600 Roadster)