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Is the Mercedes Benz R129 SL a future classic?

Is the Mercedes Benz R129 SL a future classic?

Posted by Carl Burgess on 18th Jun 2018

Is the R129 SL 500 a good investment in 2018? Isthe R129 a future classic?

In short - yes. In fact, the R129 is a current classic. It was a classic the day it was born in 1989!

I'm noticing that the SL is beginning to get attention from investors, rather than just enthusiasts. Bruno Sacco's range of two door R129 SL roadsters (wiki), in production '89 - '01, are known for their fantastic build quality, timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.

The value of R129's is steadily rising. As appreciation grows, so will desirability.

Which Mercedes Benz R129 SL models are good investments in 2018?

300 SL:GOOD - entry level price. BAD - agricultural performance

300 SL-24 Valve: GOOD - pure classic. BAD - KE-jet tronic fuel system is tricky to diagnose

500 SL: GOOD - big grunt. BAD - Again, KE-jet tronic fuel system tricky to diagnose

SL 500: GOOD - superb M119 engine. BAD - it can bite you in the wet

600 SL & SL 600: GOOD - top of the range. BAD - pre ’96 running issues complex to diagnose

SL55 AMG / SL60 AMG / SL70 AMG / SL72 / SL73: GOOD - rare and desirable. BAD - nobody knows their value!

So which R129 model should I buy?

The SL 500, years 1997 - 1999, is by far the best build quality of the R129’s. The Motronic engine is easy to diagnose, and the build is pretty bomb proof. This is the best R129 to buy.

For a more detailed guide on which engine sizes to go for, as well as other things to look out for when buying an R129 SL, see these two great buyer's guides - one from Klipnik, and another from Octane.

If you need any more information, just ask the gurus or email

Thanks, Carl at R129 Co.